CAR-PGa NEWSLETTER, Vol. 33, No. 4, April 2024

An international network of researchers into all aspects of role-playing games

David Millians, Editor

Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA


Hi All,

Thank you once again for voting for our board. We had the highest voting participation to date, which is a great sign of the health of our organization.

A special thank you to Ted Skirvin who was the originator of the idea of a YouTube channel and who graciously stepped down to allow for new members to apply. We appreciate his service to the board over the years. I’m also excited to welcome David Hartless, a new CAR-PGA member, to the board (we’ll be interviewing David soon as part of our virtual panel series).

With a fully assembled board, we were able to have our first board meeting of the month in March. We reviewed our 2023 performance metrics for membership, Facebook, and YouTube and ratified our 2024 goals as shared in our Annual Report. We are tracking well to these goals so far! We also have other content in the works, including a Discord channel, an article about RPG standards, and a commitment to have quarterly board meetings. Finally, I’m honored to be selected by the board as your Committee Chair once more and will do my best to support the CAR-PGA through videos, letters, and coordinating board meetings.

Our guest this month was Steven L. Dashiell, Ph.D. Steven is a researcher and scholar whose work explores the nature of discourses in male-dominated subcultures and how these shape player experiences in RPGs. With a focus on masculinity and gender dynamics, Dashiell’s research contributes to a growing body of scholarship examining the intersections of identity, culture, and gameplay. His recent publications include articles in the International Journal of Role-Playing and The Journal of Men’s Studies, as well as contributions to Analog Game Studies. You can view the video of our discussion here.

It’s taken a while but the CAR-PGA is finding its footing again. I’m hopeful for the future and excited about what’s to come. Thank you for all your support, for voting, and for advocating for tabletop role-playing games in everything you do!


Mike Tresca

Committee Chair


This is a compilation of articles and other resources that have come to the editor’s attention over the last month. Everyone is welcome to send bibliographic information about anything you discover that fits the mission of CAR-PGa and this newsletter.

Jim Ward (1952-2024)

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Mar 18) D&D Luminary Jim “Drawmij) Ward Passes. And Ward’s own self-introduction at EnWorld.

Carter, Ward (2024 Mar 19) Early D&D designer and co-author of Deities & Demigods James M. Ward passed away. Many different creations and contributions to our hobby

Whitehead, Adam (2024 Mar 19) RIP James M. Ward. Co-creating with Gary Gygax and beyond.

Appelcline, Shannon (2024 Mar 20) Giants of the Industry: James M. Ward. Origins and legacies.

Peterson, Jon (2024 Mar 31) Jim Ward’ Adventures in Gygax’s Wonderland. A legacy in maps and imagination.

And other articles of note

Adducci, Robert (2024 Mar 20) RCRFCharity: Supporting The Heart Of Tabletop Creativity In Times Of Need. Assistance and donations.

Aida (2024 Mar 5) Women In Gaming Month – Event By Hoard Of Tales. Discussions, live games, and more highlights women, marginalized communities, and international talent.

Beazley, Jordyn & Rafqa Touma (2024 Mar 9) Dungeons & Dragons at 50: the collaborative fantasy role-playing game that builds you up. Thriving in creativity.

Campbell, Stephanie (2024 Mar 11) TTRPGkids recap of my time at SXSW EDU 2024. Events, presentations, and planning for the future.

Campbell, Stephanie (2024 Mar 14) Review of Nancy Druid by 9th Level Games. Nature and mysteries for all ages.

Campbell, Stephanie (2024 Mar 18) Tabletop RPGs that involve drawing. Annotated list of fun ideas.

Campbell, Stephanie (2024 Mar 19) TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast Episode 10: Inclding educational elements in your TTRPGs. Teaching with games.

Campbell, Stephanie (2024 Mar 21) Review of Ghost + Human, a 2 player mystery solving TTRPG. Great design, support, and prompts for learning to play RPGs.

Campbell, Stephanie (2024 Mar 25) DIY Dungeon Tiles. Fun hands-on activities to engage kids.

Carter, Chase (2024 Mar 4) Where Is The Tabletop RPG Hype Cycle?. Excitement and conversation around our favorite things.

Carter, Chase (2024 Mar 15) D&D and MT have “compelling use cases for AI,” says Hasbro CEO. Art, money, and slippery slopes.

Carter, Chase (2024 Mar 19) LEGO’s official Dungeons & Dragons set will launch with an actual play one-shot featuring the designer. Brand crossover with a high likelihood of success.

Codega, Lin (2024 Mar 1) In Petit Marronage, The First Step Towards Liberation Is Imagination. Exploring community and self in the historical Great Dismal Swamp.

Codega, Lin (2024 Mar 4) RPGnet and RPGMatch Have Merged, Aiming To Reach Across Divides IN The TTRPG Communtiy. Social sites plan cultural integration and new possibilities.

Codega, Lin (2024 Mar 5) Making D&D An Aloha Shirt-Slinging Brand Is The Only Way It Will Survive The Winter. Musings on brandings.

Codega, Lin (2024 Mar 12) David Ewalt Can’t Get Game Night Out Of His Head. Review of 10th anniversary re-release of Of Dice and Men about community, complications, and play.

Codega, Lin (2024 Mar 19) Stumble Guys X D&D Is Goofy, But Hasbro’s Direct Links To The PIF Are Nothing To Laugh At. The politics of Saudi Arabia, ownership, and investment.

Cunningham Alice (2024 Mar 13) Dungeons & Dragons ‘helps people with social anxiety’. Play, community, and mental health.

Embry, Egg (2024 Mar 1) Tabletop Adventures Sues Geek Therapeutics for ‘Libel, Slander, and Copyright Infringement’. From collaboration to intellectual property dispute.

Embry, Egg (2024 Mar 13) Ink Bat To Publish D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson’s Final RPG Project. Blackmoor: Age of the Wolf.

Høyer, Frederikke (2024 Mar 4) Designing Power Dynamics Between Adults and Children in Larps. Designing intentional roles for various ages.

Jarvis, Matt (2024 Mar 8) Like everything else, tabletop gaming would look very different without Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. Influences among anime, video games, and role playing games.

Jarvis, Matt (2024 Mar 12) Almost a fifth of money raised by Kickstarter projects goes to scam campaigns, report alleges. Fortune magazine reports investor issues, blockchain plans, and more have slowed growth of crowdfunding giant.

Krulos, Tea (2024 Mar 28) Dungeons & Dragons All Started In This Tiny Wisconsin Town. Gary Con, Lake Geneva, and some of our hobby’s roots.

Lassaigne, Marie (2024) The Power of Board Games on the Battlefield, Classroom and Prison System. Around the Table. The Game Manufacturers Association: Fahey-Williams Publishing, Geneva, New York. 2024, Q1, pp 66-67.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Mar 3) D&D In An (American) Castle. Events from Tabletop Vacation’s come to the USA.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Mar 4) It’s GM’s Day. Appreciation and game sales.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Mar 29) ICv2 Reports Disappointing Year For Hobby Games Channel: TTRPGs Decline, D&D Declines 30%. Continued growth but much slower, as games and gamers undergo shifts and transitions.

Mott, Darryl (2024 Mar 4) NASA Releases The Lost Universe TTRPG Adventure. Fantasy and science with possibly more to come. More from Chase Carter at Dicebreaker. and Lin Codega interviews the authors for Rascal.

Rainbow Roll Network (2024 Mar 22) Rainbow Roll Fest 2024 Accepting Submissions. Twitch celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride on Twitch in June.

Self, Jonathan Connor (2024 Mar 6) When You Game For Charity, Everyone Wins – At The 2024 D8 Summit Charity Con. Supporting communities through play.

Takahashi, Dean (2024 Mar 1) How Hasbro’s Chris Cocks is steering the toy company into games. Interview.

Tresca, Mike (2024 Mar 25) Hasbro’s AI Plans. Opportunity, profit, respect, IP, and the inevitable implementation in some form.

van Bilsen, Gijs (2024 Mar 21) Serious Larp at the United Nations in Geneva. Live action learning to train teams.

Walters, Clint (2024 Mar 22) Perfectly Perilous. Planning and deployment of a scenario for a thriving middle school game club with many students and schedule and time limitations.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Mar 8) Getting The Lay Of The Land In Argentinian TTRPGs. History and challenges in a thriving and growing community of gamers.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Mar 11) Wyrmwork Publishing Introduces First Braille Transcription Of 5E SRD. First time a core rule system this accessible.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Mar 11) D&D’s Short Lived LatAm Ambassador Program. Growth, excitement, confusion, and the bottom line for Latin America.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Mar 13) What Is The Future of Dimension 20?. Recalling a project’s core while opening up possibilities.

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