CAR-PGa NEWSLETTER, Vol. 33, No. 3, March 2024

An international network of researchers into all aspects of role-playing games

David Millians, Editor

Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA


By David Millians

The results are in. Thank you, everyone who voted and everyone who stood for election. We are not a big group, and we inhabit a relatively small community of RPG enthusiasts, so each person’s participation makes a real difference in how we move forward into the future together.

By your selection, the new five-member board for this year consists of David Hartless, David Millians, Hawke Robinson, Michael Tresca, and Allen White.

Many, many thanks to Ted Skirvin for his many years of yeoman service on the board. I met Ted through CAR-PGa, and we are lucky enough to live in the same city. He has become a fun, fellow gamer and a dear friend.


Hi All,

Our guest this month was Brandon O’Brien. Brandon is a multifaceted creative professional from Trinidad and Tobago. He wears many hats, including those of a science fiction and fantasy writer, performance poet, teaching artist, and game designer. His work in the realm of speculative fiction and poetry has been published in several notable outlets. These include Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons, Fireside Magazine, Arsenika, Reckoning, and New Worlds, Old Ways: Speculative Tales from the Caribbean. In addition to his writing, Brandon has made significant contributions to the world of role-playing games, including Soundclash, a game of music, magic, representing your neighborhood, and sticking it to the man. You can watch our session here. Brandon also recently joined the CAR-PGA, so please welcome him!

On a personal note, I’m pleased to report that we’ve gotten over 20 votes for board membership! I always say a healthy CAR-PGA is a voting CAR-PGA, and I look forward to reading David’s tallying of the votes in this newsletter. Whatever the outcome, I cherish the efforts of all our former board members and thank them for their contributions. And of course, the role of Committee Chair is drawn from, and determined by, the Board; turnover, including my role, is healthy for an organization, and I look forward to change in whatever form it takes.

We’re back on track, folks! I’m so proud of how far we’ve come, and I’m excited to see what the board has planned next for the CAR-PGA!


Mike Tresca

(Current) Committee Chair


Convention Report: Dice + Diversions 2024

By Ted Skirvin

Previously in this newsletter I have submitted reports about a convention called Southern-Fried Gaming Expo. It started as a con devoted to old style arcade games and later branched out to include tabletop gaming of all types. Well, the folks behind SFGE decided to create a con that was focused strictly on tabletop and they called it Dice + Diversions. It took place on January 12, 13, 14 and 15 of this year. This was the weekend of the MLK holiday, and I think the organizers were hoping to get folks who had that Monday off to come to the convention. The con was held at a mid-size hotel in the Northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The convention had a large ballroom set up for board games and card games. They had someone with a large game collection provide games for a convention game library that was free to use by attendees. It seemed to be a very up-to-date collection.

They had a room for RPGs and had several games scheduled for each day of the con. Of course, they had D&D 5th edition, but they also offered a wide variety of other game systems. I played in one game of Pendragon and one game of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

The convention had a small vendors area that had a variety of offerings. There were game vendors but also such things as gaming-oriented candles, gaming-oriented craft items, and a company that booked gaming-focused cruises in the Caribbean.

They had some special events that were gaming based, but I did not get a good look at most of them. The one that I did attend was a flea market where folks could bring games to sell for about two hours. 

There were no discussion panels or seminars of any kind at the con. That was a bit disappointing since panels are one of the reasons I go to conventions.

2024 was the first year for Dice + Diversions. There were a decent number of folks there, so I think the con will continue.


This is a compilation of articles and other resources that have come to the editor’s attention over the last month. Everyone is welcome to send bibliographic information about anything you discover that fits the mission of CAR-PGa and this newsletter.

Barber, Graeme (2024 Feb 19) Stacked Oppression in Shadowrun. Legacy issues around race and capitalism lingering over time.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 1) Review of YELD! a magical land of adventure. Creative options and clear rules makes playing tween adventurers fun.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 5) Interview with Aaron from Inner Realms Journey, a meditative TTRPG experience. An interesting project drawing from a range of elements familiar to hobby gamers.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 6) Kid-friendly TTRPGs in ZiMo2024. Wondrous variety.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 8) Review of CALVIN Core, a chaotic game of creativity system building.  A game of changing and negotiating rules.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 12) Tips and Tricks: Encouraging Your Kid to GM or Guide a TTRPG. Thoughtful advice to help kids, and anyone else, ready themselves to run a game.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 15) Review of The Bullywug Bullies, a Family Fantasy RPG adventure. Engaging scenario with available tiers of complexity for introducing D&D5E to kids.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 19) This month in children’s RPGs with Family Fantasy RPG and TTRPGkids – February 2024. New games and setting expectations.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 20) TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, Episode 9: Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid. Processes to adjust a game to the needs of the player.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 22) Review of 10 Downing, a Mausritter Campaign. Fun, miniature adventure at the heart of UK politics.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 26) DIY TTRPG zines and booklet props. Projects of imagination, design, and fine motor skills with kids.

Campbell, Steph (2024 Feb 29) Review of The Goblings, a 5e Slowquest adventure. Scenario designed for young, new players with whimsy and streamlined rules.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 7) Women are Werewolves and Cloud Empress creators honoured at 2024 Nonbinary Tabletop Awards. Snowbright Studio sponsored recognition awards.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 12) Studio developing Dungeons & Dragons RPG video game lays off 44 workers, shelves project. Hidden Path Entertainment facing financial challenges.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 12) Dungeons & Dragons’ 2024 core rulebooks get official release dates. 50th anniversary publications stretching into 2025.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 13) Dungeons & Dragons teases an official LEGO set, Converse shows and Pop-Tarts. License, branded merchandise.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 13) D&D models its digital future on MTG’s Universes Beyond pop culture crossovers. Monetizing digital experiences with brand connections.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 14) D&D and MTG owner’s $1.06 billion loss dwarfs strong performance from Wizards of the Coast. Corporation losing faster than gaining.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 15) Dungeons & Dragons’ first stage show mixes improv, adventuring and Jackbox-style audience participation. Opening in New York City in May.

Carter, Chase (2024 Feb 26) ADHD Games Are An Exhibition of My Personal Hell. Exploring neurodivergence through games.

Codega, Lin (2024 Feb 26) So, Who Actually Got A Gen Con Hotel?. Housing lotteries and the growing role of smaller conventions.

Codega, Lin (2024 Feb 27) Drawing A Picture Of The Tabletop Space With Forgery. Satire, community, and creativity cleverly and insightfully mingle in art in more than one way.

Ford, Tim (2024 Feb 22) From TCGs to TRPGs, Aotearoa New Zealand’s tabletop creators are finding their spotlight on the global state. Community, creativity, and development.

Jarvis, Matt (2024 Feb 8) Kickstarter rival Gamefound had its best year yet in 2023, with $12m Nemesis sequel taking the lion’s share. Largest fundraisers are IP adaptations.

Jarvis, Matt (2024 Feb 12) Tabletop professional looking to make your game a success? Sign up to attend the one-day Tabletop Creators Summit for free. London gathering in May.

Jarvis, Matt (2024 Feb 21) La Desbandá 1937 offers a uniquely human look at war through the lens of a real-life atrocity turned RPG. Historical horror game by Pablo López translated into English.

Lipsyc, Nadja (2024 Feb 26) Comments on VR, Larp, Technology, Creation. Interesting exploration of issues around virtual gaming.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Feb 1) No. Hasbro Is Not Selling D&D. Rumors spread excitedly.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Feb 1) On Kickstarter There Are More Successful Projects But Creators Earning 30% Less. Kickstarter is not sharing data from 2023 directly at this time, but it can be found and analyzed.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Feb 8) Joe Manganiello: Dragonlance TV Show No Longer in Development. Changes in direction at Wizards of the Coast.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Feb 14) The Rise and Fall of Evil Genius Games. Money, lawsuits, ethics questions, and more leave the company with an uncertain future.

Morrissey, Russ (2024 Feb 24) D&D No Longer In Portuguese. Wizards of the Coast discontinuing production due to slowing profitability.

Mott, Darryl (2024 Feb 1) Free RPG Day Coming on June 22, 2024. Celebration coming to local game stores again this summer.

Nyberg, Kristel (2024 Feb 23) History is Our Playground – On Playing with People’s Lives. Respect when representing others’ stories, history, and culture.

Peter (2022 Oct 16) Using TTRPGs to change the narratives around Autism. Celebrating joy.

Stotnik, Daniel (2024 Feb 1) Jennell Jaquays, Who Unlocked Fantasy Dungeons for Gamers, Dies at 67. Foundational creator brought games to life.

Wallis, James (2024 Feb 26) “All the benefits of reading also apply to board games”: Why more libraries are adding tabletop classics to their bookshelves. Loaning games and hosting play in the UK for the many benefits they provide.

Yang Huang & Ye Zhanhan (2024 Feb 7) Save the Day: How Young Chinese Are Playing Their Way to Wealth. Online let’s pretend in a new era of life choices in China.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Feb 21) The Secret Nerdy Lives of Your Favorite Trans Power Couple. Interview with Representative Zooey Zephyr (D-Montana) and journalist Erin Reed and their love of games.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Feb 22) TTRPGs Won’t Change The World, But You Can. Part two of the interview, covering topics including play, escapism, therapy, imagination, journalism, culture, and community building.

Zeoli, Rowan (2024 Feb 27) Dropout Announces Fantasy High Miniature Auction For Gaza. Supporting the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

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