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(a. speak, b. read, c. write; evaluate each on a scale of fluent, functional, marginal, decipher with translating dictionary). Also indicate those in which you can reasonably secure help in translating
(e.g., in libraries) to microfilm or other copies of newspapers since 1975 (list; give dates; indicate if indexed). Also includes access to standard indexes (Lexis, Nexis, PsychNet, ERIC, Sociological Abstracts, Psychological Abstracts, etc.)
Member of local game club (name, where meets, indicate if officer)
(indicate if as referee)
(indicate if refereed, led seminar [indicate subject], convention administration, etc.)
Useful job skills (lawyer, printer, police, writer, public relations, etc.). Include jobs held in past and those of close relatives and associates (specify areas of expertise) who could help with research and translations.