CAR-PGa NEWSLETTER, Vol. 32, No. 1, January 2023

An international network of researchers into all aspects of role-playing games

David Millians, Editor

Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA


Here’s our link for board voting: It’s relatively straightforward. Voting members just enter their name and email and then check as many members as they want to vote for and click submit.

There are five candidates standing for election to fill up to five slots on the board.

  • Allen White
  • David Millians
  • Hawke Robinson
  • Michael Tresca
  • Ted Skirvin

All but Allen serve on the current board. Allen appeared in a recent CAR-PGa interview, linked here.

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The CAR-PGA Annual Report for the year 2022 is attached. It covers the group’s activities over the last twelve months. Feedback welcome!

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Applecline, Shannon (2022 Dec 7) A Look at Game Wizards. Review of Jon Peterson’s new book.

Applecline, Shannon (2023 Jan 2) 2022: The Year in Review. Obituaries, trends, novelty, corporate gaming, and more.

B D&D Beyond Staff (2022 Dec 8) Join Us for Galesong: Dragon’s Convergence, an Actual Play Special Event. Showcasing characters and performers with disabilities.

Bauld, Andrew (2022 Dec 12) How Games Can Build Your Child’s Social-Emotional Skill. Features Brooklyn Game Lab and the practices of SEL growth.

Boyle, Michael (2022 Dec 19) #OpenD&D and The Ghost of Ryan Dancey. The history and legal ramifications of the Open Game License.

Campbell, Steph (2022 Dec 8) Review of Redigo, a tabletop RPG system that uses hand signals. Interesting mechanic that is easily accessible for children.

Campbell, Steph (2022 Dec 15) Interview with Alicia from Geek Therapeutics. Mental health and education classes and resources.

Campbell, Steph (2022 Dec 19) Review of I Went to the North Pole Once, a tabletop RPG about creating a holiday adventure. Simple system and creative play.

Campbell, Steph (2022 Dec 29) Review of Bard RPG, a character and story focused game system. Easy, flexible mechanics and setting agnostic, it works easily with kids.

Campbell, Steph (2022 Jan 2) Tips and tricks for running 1-1 tabletop RPG and D&D games with kids. Adjusting timing and story, as well as helpful scaffolding.

Campbell, Steph (2022 Jan 5) Review of Movie Night, an epic 80’s movie throwback tabletop RPG. Works well for kids.

Carter, Chase (2022 Dec 12) Backerkit discusses challenging the ‘big green K’ as it moves from crowdfunding tool to competitor. Crowdfunding issues and developments.

Carter, Chase (2022 Dec 13) Tabletop games have made over $1.5 billion on Kickstarter. That’s a lot of tables!

Cullen, Maddie (2022 Jan 6) What is OSR? A newcomer’s guide to the Old School Renaissance RPGs reviving classic D&D. Introductory overview.

darjr (2022 Dec 5) New Footage & Poster for D&D: Honor Among Thieves. In theaters March 31, 2023.

darjr (2022 Dec 12) Dragon Editor-in-Chief Kim Mohan Passes. Early author and guide for D&D and the hobby.

darjr (2022 Dec 8) Hasbro Bets Big on D&D. They say it is “undermonetized”.

Hodes, James Mendez (2022 Dec 29) Representation Tier List. In-depth discussion of the spectrum of issues and challenges facing creators around bias, stereotypes, and empowerment.

Huddleston, Stefan (2022 Dec 18)When Worlds Collaborate: The Style of Early Tabletop Role-Playing Games . The Long 60s, escapism, race, rape, and the baggage of culture and systemic biases in the origin and contemporary issues of the gaming community.

IDW (2022 Dec 13) Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures Comic Book Reawakens Childhood Nostalgia for D&D. Hasbro project.

Jarvis, Matt (2022 Dec 2) Tabletop Awards 2022 winners. Flamecraft, Coyote & Crow, Flesh and Blood, Banana Chan, Free League, and Lottie and Jack Hazell.

Joyce, Justin (2022 Dec 14) These tabletop RPGs are impossible to play – and that’s what makes them essential. Expanding the definition of role playing games with lyric games and closet games.

Kit, Borys (2022 Dec 15) Henry Cavill’s Next Play: ‘Warhammer 40,000 Series for Amazon. Games Workshop project.

Meehan, Alex (2023 Jan 4) Call of Cthulhu studio refuses to use AI art in its future releases. Chaosium’s decision speaks to ethical and legal concerns around computer-generated images.

Morrissey, Russ (2022 Dec 21) WotC Announces OGL 1.1 – Revised Terms, Royalties, and Annual Revenue Reporting. Additional analysis at Dicebreaker. Update and anger explored at Enworld. And here by Shannon Appelcline, plus information from Kickstarter about their deal with WotC. Even MSN has thoughts.

Morrissey, Russ (2022 Jan 5) Lego Dungeons & Dragons Contest Winner Announced. Impressive work by BoltBuilds!

Olson, Jeremy (2022 Dec 11) Minnesota veterans get help through Dungeons & Dragons role-playing therapy. Psychologists Allison Battle and Thomas Quinlan of Roll for Recovery.

Robbins, Neal (2022 Dec 23) How Would a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Play Out?. Using games to ask big questions.

Stuart, Keith (2022 Dec 13) ‘Why can’t anyone make a decision? My first time as a D&D Dungeon Master. Prepare and improvise.

Thomas, Christopher (2022 Jan 2) How a new generation of gamers is pushing for inclusivity beyond the table. Gate keeping, stereotypes, race, corporate policies, and shifting demographics in society and the hobby.


Thomas II, M. Alan (2022 Dec 25) State prison book bannings. Link and Discussion of Marshall Project’s new report on state prison censorship.


CBS News (2022 Dec 1) How a librarian is using Dungeons and Dragons to foster a love of reaading. .


Tresca, Mike (2022 Dec 5) Gift Ideas for the Game Master Who Has Everything. Good ideas at any time of year.

Tresca, Mike (2022 Dec 26) The Dragon Comes Home to Roost. Future brand growth and corporate planning at Hasbro and WotC.

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