CAR-PGa NEWSLETTER, Vol. 30, No. 8, August 2021

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David Millians, Editor

Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA


Hi All,

We’re still on hiatus for this month’s virtual panel, but in the meantime I thought it was worth putting in a plug for CAR-PGA member Hawke’s RPG Research and RPG Museum. RPG Research is a 501(3) non-profit charitable research and human services organization of international volunteers performing research studies on the educational and therapeutic aspects of participation in role-playing games and community programs improving lives using music and RPGs. As Hawke explains, “We are helping people heal & improving the quality of life for diverse populations around the world by providing accessible & inclusive collaborative research-supported programs using music and role-playing games.”

Check out the latest video summarizing RPG Research here and donate at

I hope you have a safe, fun summer, and we’ll catch up again in September!



Committee Chair


As Mike says in his words above and exemplifies in his article discussing his own games with scouts, linked at the end of the New Material section, the gaming energy we expend—we, Mike, Hawke, you, me—to grow the hobby and its many positive impacts on the lives of others should continue, grow, and inform the efforts and possibilities in new games and stories and lives.

I’m getting my school haircut today, though it’s not clear if I’ll be in my classroom or online again when classes start in a couple of weeks. There is so much to prepare in this time of uncertainty, and that’s as true for everyone as for teachers and gamers. We can’t predict well our exact needs within the next month, much less beyond. In Atlanta, where I live and teach, every ICU bed is full, vaccinations are still lagging far behind, and the kids I teach are all too young to receive a shot and start building their immunity to Covid-19. As summer began, everyone began to feel more comfortable gathering, and many new projects began. Only two months later, we’re looking at shutdowns and lockdowns once again.

I’ve been running RPGs of various kinds with students in my classroom and after school for many years. During the spring and summer of 2020, these moved online, and though many tired of one Zoom session after another, these games were so important for many of my kids, a space to play, be themselves, socialize with one another, joke, win, fail, keep going, imagine. I’m not in your class, but can I join the game? Can you open another game, so more kids can play? Can we keep playing next term, next year? Can you help us set this up in the middle and high school? Yes! It was sometimes a big load on top of my normal teaching, home, and the strange pressures of Covid Times, but it grew wonderfully and gave many kids and families something different, something new. Many want to play more, run their own games, explore other expanses of imagination.

I’m running a summer game for the next two weeks, and then I start the next games in class and beyond. I hope it never stops growing.

Keep on playing!




Game Manufacturers Association (2021 Jul) GAMA Horizons Fellowship. GAMA announces program of mentorship and peer coaching, access and space within GAMA and GAMA Expo 2022, and financial support for creators from historically underrepresented communities.

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Maria, Anna (2021 Jul 1) The Black creatives of Dimension 20’s ‘Misfits and Magic’ are redefining inclusivity in tabletop gaming. Challenging traditional narratives and storytelling.

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Peck, Mark (2021 Jul 4) Panzers, Beans, and Bullets. Review of War in the East 2 and the importance of logistics.

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Tresca, Mike (2021 Aug 2) Camping and D&D: Actual Play. Gaming as a social icebreaker for scouts new to camping.

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