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Hello All,

Our latest guest was Christopher Winnan. Chris has many interests with expertise in a variety of fields. For the last two decades he has been based in the newest incubator of great ideas: Asia. As a consultant, he travels widely throughout Asia working in Thailand, Korea and China. As a writer, he has established his expertise by contributing to Frommers and National Geographic. Chris has written several books covering such diverse topics as 3D printing in tabletop gaming and the use of board games in education.

You can watch our virtual session on our YouTube Channel. Chris was kind enough to offer these books as free PDFs to our membership: Board Games in Education and 3D Printing for Tabletop Games.

We are currently scheduling interview subjects out to the end of the year. If you would like to be a speaker or have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other of the board members.

Thank you for your support!


Mike Tresca



A New School Year, An Old Game

By David Millians

I have a another batch of fifth and sixth graders, fifth and sixth graders, and our school year is off and rolling. We’re well into math lessons, writing assignments, science experiments, and history lessons, and we’ve been on a camping trip together. Whew! I am also introducing them to our year-long simulation game of politics at the court of Emperor Wu during the Tang Dynasty. I’m fascinated by this time period, a turning point in ancient Chinese politics and culture, and the kids are excited about the game.

This game, named Zhongguo, is essentially an ongoing 34-person LARP with weekly sessions, though it also shrinks to smaller tabletop play scenes, and it has strong card and board game elements as well. They have group goals and personal goals, and they compete politically, economically, ideologically, and militarily. Will the emperor hold the dragon throne? Will she have the actual power? Who will accumulate the most wealth? Which school of Buddhism will dominate? Will Daoism return to the prominence and influence it had at the beginning of the dynasty? How much effort and coin should we expend guarding the northern frontier against the inevitable large attack by the Turkic nomads? Can anyone invent a better compass or rice mill?

My students do not yet even have their individual characters, and they are already clamoring to play and explore the imaginary environment. I’m excited to see what develops, and I will share more here in coming months.



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