CAR-PGa NEWSLETTER, Vol. 30, No. 3, March 2021

An international network of researchers into all aspects of role-playing games

David Millians, Editor

Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA


Hello All,

In our last update I shared that the board recommended we run a series of virtual panels. We had our first CAR-PGA virtual panel this month and I’m pleased to report that it was a success.

Our guest speaker was Hawke Robinson, who shared an update on RPG Research and the digitization of Paul Cardwell’s archives. In our one-hour discussion, Hawke covered everything from his plans for the RPG Museum to how you can help to the number one mistake that game researchers should avoid. You can view the recording in its entirety on YouTube.

One hour wasn’t enough to cover even a fraction of all that Hawke and RPG Research does, but it was a great start. We look forward to having him back on as a panelist in the future. In fact, we plan to check in with Hawke monthly to share his progress on all the amazing things he does to promote tabletop gaming research.

For our next panel, one of our newest members, Mike Best, will join us to discuss how he helps educate kids about role-playing games. He recently launched a Kickstarter, Crafty Quest Boxes: learning tools for parents looking for a kid-friendly way to introduce their children to the world of fantasy gaming. 

I’m excited about this new chapter in our gaming outreach and I hope you’ll join us at 7 p.m. ET on March 18 for our next virtual panel!


Mike Tresca

Committee Chair


Dialect: Review

By David Millians

As someone ever-interested in languages, I was excited to learn more about a 2017 game, Dialect: a Game About Language and How it Dies by Katheryn Hymes and Hakan Seyaloiglu. This project is a delightful, deep-dive into the social linguistics of marginal languages, how they develop and, like all languages, eventually fade. Similar in some ways to Microscope and other games of developmental imagination, as well as closed-ended stories like those in The Quiet Year, Dialect offers several contexts in which novel language elements can develop and evolve among the various constituencies of a marginal community.

Unlike some indie designs, Dialect does include the role of a Facilitator, a special role of guide and expert advice as the game moves forward, but an experienced group of players could dispense with this element if they wished. Using the Dialect card deck for ideas, players create a Backdrop, the context for the language they will develop, or they can pick some several fascinating options. Each player then takes on and expands a role within the community, from which they will add language elements and modify those of the other players. The game then goes through a series of turns over three Ages, in which the isolated community develops a new language through initial options, evolution, and a final language after the isolation ends. Powerful group stories ensue! Each part and step of the game is beautifully, evocatively illustrated by Jill de Haan and Erica Williams, and the imagery and topics offer many opportunities to reflect on how we make and use language and community. The cards

I recently backed the successful fundraiser for Ulus on Kickstarter, a game to raise awareness and engagement with the Mongolian language and script, both under pressure from global forces and those of the government of the Peoples Republic of China. These games delight me, but it’s worth remembering more generally that when we gather in small groups, in person or online, to play together, we are building community with one another and beyond ourselves into the wider hobby and beyond. Dialect reminds us that groups are significant in our lives, for better or worse, and bear reflection.



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