CAR-PGa NEWSLETTER, Vol. 28, No. 3, March 2019

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David Millians, Editor

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Letter from the Chair

Hi All,

You might have recently heard about a controversy boiling over a controversial figure in the role-playing game industry who has gotten quite a bit of publicity from non-gaming press. Here’s what happened, but please be sure to read to the end as I believe this situation brings up some important questions the CAR-PGA should consider when collecting and sharing best practices around conventions and privacy.

Zak Smith appeared in the video series I Hit It With My Axe, and is known for the Playing D&D With Porn Stars blog. He has also written several RPG books, most recently for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, consulted on the D&D 5th Edition Player’s Handbook, has won multiple ENnies, and recently worked for White Wolf. His ex-partner, Mandy Morbid, recently accused Smith of abuse, including testimonies from two other partners, Hannah and Jennifer. This post was followed testimony by another ex-partner, Vivika Grey.

Smith posted a rebuttal and referenced another female friend, Michelle, as a defense. He used the hashtag “#AbuseIsNotAGame” on Twitter. The RPG community co-opted the hashtag by repeatedly tweeting its support for the victims, in an attempt to drown out Smith.

The rift in the RPG community over Smith goes back years, and Mandy’s post seems to have been a tipping point. In reaction, the following organizations said:

  • EN World (Russ Morrissey): “I will not cover Zak’s work on this site, in my podcast, or elsewhere, and will not provide him with any kind of platform.”
  • DriveThruRPG (Steve Wieck): “I have decided that we will not accept future titles for sale on DriveThruRPG (or our other marketplaces) if Zak is a contributor on the title.”
  • Veteran Author Ken Hite: “I will, however, not work with Zak on any future projects, knowingly share a credits page with him on any future projects, or increase his social media reach.”
  • The Gauntlet Blog and Podcast: “The Gauntlet will no longer provide coverage to Zak S or his publications.”
  • ConTessa: “Despite rumors and speculation to the contrary, Smith has never been a part of ConTessa as an organization nor has he exerted influence over the organization and its activities at any point in ConTessa’s history.”
  • Wizards of the Coast: “Zak Smith, along with many others, was engaged by Wizards to provide feedback on D&D Next, the playtest which evolved into D&D fifth edition. We have not contracted with him since, and regret our choice to do so in 2014. Because of that, we are removing Zak’s credit from future physical printings and digital versions of the Player’s Handbook. We applaud how the D&D community supports one another and fully support the planned Dungeon Masters Guild bundle raising funds to donate to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). The bundle is live now and we will be amplifying it going forward!”
  • Gen Con: “We have received several requests lately for comment on a specific individual in the tabletop community. Our Policy Team decisions are confidential, but the matter has been investigated. Gen Con does not condone harassment or abuse in any form. Gen Con is a world-class event, and we are dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming environment for all attendees. Our full Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy can be found on our website.”

Of note is the reaction to Gen Con and Mike Mearls’ tweets; there is a chorus of voices that feels neither organization is going far enough. Gen Con’s policy specifically states:

“Occasionally Gen Con is made aware of behavior by participants (or potential participants) that has occurred outside of Gen Con—either online or offline—and is a gross violation of our Code of Conduct. These actions need not occur in Gen Con-affiliated spaces to be considered for sanctions by Gen Con. These include, but are not limited to: Individuals who have not attended Gen Con but have a history of abusive behavior and/or known incidents that took place outside Gen Con that may cause risks to a participant’s safety, or which may contribute to a hostile or non-inclusive environment at the convention; Gen Con participants who have been reported for outside incidents, including, but not limited to, conduct at other conventions, threatening or abusive behavior online, or assault”

And that’s the crux of the controversy over Smith at this point. Should any large organization publish a specific ban on an individual (as DriveThruRPG has done?) so that future attendees can feel safe? According to Gen Con’s Privacy Policy, they can:

“Gen Con LLC may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on Gen Con LLC or the site; (b) protect and defend the rights or property of Gen Con LLC and its web sites, or (c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of Gen Con LLC, its web sites, or the public.”

This was a recent test of Gen Con’s comprehensive Attendee and Privacy Policies. It didn’t take long for Gen Con to go a step further, when Peter Adkison himself, co-owner of Gen Con and Chairperson of the Board, made a statement:

“At Gen Con we have a policy of not disclosing the names of individuals who have been sanctioned or banned from our events. However, our statements regarding a recent ban have caused confusion and more importantly, made people feel that Gen Con doesn’t care about attendee safety. To clarify, I want to state that Zak S has been banned from Gen Con and that we flat-out don’t tolerate harassers or abusers in our community or at our convention.”

You’ll notice that Adkison mentions a “policy of not disclosing names.” My question to the CAR-PGA: should con policies be updated? Or is there too much legal risk involved by publishing who is banned from conventions? This is a relevant discussion to our organization, particularly if we hope to share best practices in the industry to provide inclusive gaming environments for all – and situations like this test our tolerance for privacy, safety, and inclusion.

I look forward to your comments!


Mike Tresca

Committee Chair

(Editor’s Note – I included an article by Zak, “Roleplaying Games as Degenerate Art,” in the New Material section of the January 2019 newsletter.)

The SPIEL ´18 in Essen

By Carsten Obst

Part One: From Played Books, Evil Witches and Ice Age-Steampunk

From October 25 to 28, 2018, the game fair SPIEL ´18 in Essen proved again the success and versatility of the German and international game community. A new record was set with around 190,000 visitors (2017: 182,000), who tested, played, and bought games of all kinds. No less than 1150 exhibitors (2017: 1100) from 50 nations (2017: also 50) offered their products in six halls on 80,000 square meters (2017: 72,000). Altogether 1400 new games (2017: 1200) were presented here to the public, some as world premieres.

The growth of the game-fair caused also problems for the visitors. The size of the halls hampered the attempt to find certain booths, while even their numbering did not help much. In 2019 the fair´s management should attempt to make the orientation easier.

Unfortunately, SPIEL ´18 was overshadowed by a number of thefts. Six exhibitors became the victims of thieves, who caused a damage of around 20,000 Euro. The affected companies raised the charge of insufficient security measures.

Compared with 2017, comics lost even more of their former importance. Panini was the only big German publisher present at SPIEL ´18, while the traditional “Zeichnerallee” (“Artist´s Alley”) shrank again. Only a few well-known artists like Michael Vogt participated in the game-fair. It seems that comics are really no longer important.

Nevertheless, I had a very happy time at SPIEL ´18. In this article I will compile a number of German RPGs, books and magazines, which may be of interest for our readers.

At first, I visited the annual exhibition of the Europäische Spielesammler-Gilde (European Guild of Game-Collectors). This year the topic was “Gespielte Bücher” (“Played Books”), presenting German and foreign games based on books, comics, movies, and TV shows. A good example is Emil und die Detektive (Emil and the Detectives), published in 1968 by Ravensburger. It allows replay of the famous youth novel, which Erich Kästner wrote in 1929. Die kleine Hexe (The Little Witch), a happy family game produced by Berliner Spielkarten in 1972, is based on a well-known book for children from Ottfried Preußler. With Nick Knatterton ESG itself offered in 2004 a card game about the humorous comic series, with which Manfred Schmidt parodied in the Fifties the detective genre and also the German Wirtschaftswunder. In the Sixties the Austrian Piatnik Verlag published several happy family games inspired by TV shows, among them in 1969 Daktari. With Jagd durch Entenhausen (Chase through Duckburg) ASS released in 1979 a board-game based on the Disney comics. “Entenhausen,” by the way, is the name for Duckburg in Germany. The US company Parker Bros, in 1930 transformed Richard E. Byrd´s book Little America into a board game with the title Admiral Byrd´s Little America.

A positive sign was the fact, that for the first time members of the Deutsche Kulturrat (German Cultural Council), an umbrella organization of the cultural associations in Germany, visited the game fair. A panel discussion took place, which I attended. The participants, members of the Kulturrat and politicians, agreed, that games shall get more importance in the cultural work. For example, they should be promoted in schools and in social institutions.

Valngress. Die Ruinenstadt (Valngress: City of Ruins), published by the Uhrwerk Verlag, is a new sourcebook for the fantasy RPG Dungeonslayers. Originally written by a fan, it describes a ruined city deep in the jungle. Nearly thousand years ago imperialistic elves founded an empire based on military force, magic, and slavery with the gigantic Valngress as capitol, but suddenly they retreated for unknown reasons into the woods. Today brave (or greedy) adventurers search in the ruins of Valngress for treasures and magical secrets. Traps, monsters, and still active spells make this extremely dangerous. A special problem is a well-organized alliance of orc-tribes, the Or`Ris`Ka, which tries to settle in the area. The sourcebook describes Valngress, the jungle, the dungeons under the city, interesting places, animals, monsters, humanoids, the orcs, and those people, who dare to settle in the ruins. New rules about orientation, survival, supplies, and magic expand the original system. The trade with artifacts from Valngress is another topic, because rival groups, like some mysterious elves, are interested in it. Lists of equipment and several adventure ideas follow. Finally, the adventure “Die Kammern des Todes” (“The Chambers of Death”) introduces the PCs to the ruins, while a section with hints allows the transfer of the city to other game worlds. The sourcebook is a must for “Dungeonslayer” fans, because it expands the game world in an interesting way. It can also be recommended for other fantasy RPGs, especially if the GM wants a setting with evil elves and with some efforts even for realistic game-worlds.

The new German RPG Hexxen 1733 (Witches 1733), published by Ulisses Spiele, may be described as a horror, late Baroque crossover. In 1640, during the Thirty Years War, a gate to hell was broken. All kind of supernatural evil returned, spreading chaos and destruction. A storm tide sunk the Netherlands and parts of Northern Germany, harsh winters forced to abandon parts of Scandinavia, sea-monsters nearly cut off Britain from the continent, while dark forces rule own territories, but the European nations fight back. An early industrialization using magic and clockwork machines has begun, while the Sorbonne in Paris developed a new science, the Sorbonnik, to counter the supernatural. Tsar Peter I. modernizes Russia, while Prussia under King Friedrich-Wilhelm I builds up a strong military. Nominally Emperor Charles VI in Vienna rules the German Empire, but the city is a hotbed of intrigues. A witch cult infiltrates Paris, fought mercilessly by King Louis XIV´s secret service. The Vatican under Pope Lucius IV, who liberated Rome from a demonic reign, has its own agents and knights to destroy the evil. Witches, vampires, monsters, and other dark creatures are pursued by the so-called hunters – the PCs, of course. Das Buch der Regeln (Book of Rules), a hardcover of 256 pages with lots of coloured illustrations, is the entry into the alternative 1733. A short history informs about the events since 1640 and the current situation in Europe. The rules concentrate on a fast and action-orientated game, allowing play in a cinematic style. Even beginners learn them quickly. The character creation is based on motivations like fanaticism, faith, hope or determination, and the choice of a role or character class. Possible roles can be alchemist, bodyguard, fencer, priest, or strategist. Advancement of the PCs, professions, skills, equipment, and archetypes are more topics. Two chapters deal with NPCs and evil creatures like witches, black magicians or vampires. Altogether, Buch der Regeln offers a versatile system in an interesting game world, which is familiar and weird at the same time. Highly recommended for fans of dark fantasy, horror, and alternative history RPGs!

The box Werkzeuge des Hexenmeisters (Tools of the Witch Master) supports the GMs to run a Hexxen 1733 campaign. Here they get a bag with eighteen d6-dice, a GM-screen, three cardboard sheets with detachable PC, NPC, monster, and situation markers, as well as bags and stands for the markers. Also included are character sheets for NPCs and a music CD with the title Reise durch den Zauberwald (“Journey through the Enchanted Forest”). With a length of forty minutes it offers a quiet but mysterious background music appropriate for a journey through a forest full of magic. Included is also a map showing on one side a historical view of Europe in 1733 and on the other the continent in Hexxen 1733. The booklet Werkzeuge des Hexenmeisters forms the core of the box. It describes the dark Europe, the political and religious situation, the military, sciences, architecture, fortifications, the arts, culture, as well as the daily life in cities and in the countryside. These chapters create a feeling of familiarity and bizarreness. Four adventure ideas and information about the combat against supernatural threats complete the booklet. Finally, we get the Abenteuerband (Adventure Book). Four short adventures for beginners introduce the PCs into the game world. They must fight against a dark elf, defend a farm against robbers, find a cure for a plague, and survive in the wilderness. Several handouts complete the box. Werkzeuge des Hexenmeisters is a valuable support for the GMs, but the material can also be used for other horror or dark fantasy RPGs, if you invest time for a conversion. Highly recommended!

The campaign box Königreich der Dornen (Kingdom of Thorns) enables a longer exploration of the game-world. It includes markers, handouts, and a map of the Erzgebirge, a mountainous area between Saxony and Bohemia, which is the campaign´s location. Many legends are told about this area, making it suitable as a mystical background. The booklet Regionalband Erzgebirge (Regional Book Erzgebirge) informs about the region, linking our real history with the setting of Hexxen 1733. Three chapters tell about the dark elves, their war against the humans, and other supernatural threats. Further topics of the book are interesting locations and legends of the area, including several adventure ideas. Finally, the book Königreich der Dornen offers a campaign with six adventures. Five years after a wall of thorns blocked off a county in East Saxony, the PCs get involved when their rest in the town Aue is interrupted by a supernatural attack. Now they must investigate the thorny threat, following it through the Erzgebirge to the isolated county, where they face the mastermind. The campaign is written for beginners, but it can easily be expanded with optional subplots, if the difficulties, dangers, and challenges for the PCs shall be increased. Lots of advices, hints, and information support the GM, while the adventures combine the feelings of horror, mystic, and fairy tales. The campaign is a wonderful introduction to the world of Hexxen 1733 and therefore a must for its fans. With some effort the adventures can also be used for other horror and dark fantasy RPGs, even for Cthulhu. Highly recommended!

 Archiv des Wächterbundes (Archive of the Guardian´s Alliance) is an adventure and sourcebook that includes also some stories. Six short adventures explore the game world, confronting the PCs with demons, necromancers, vampires, and dark elves. They also inform about the cities of Zürich, Pforzheim, and Jena, which are threatened by the evil. Seven short stories describe the missions, tactics, and methods of the hunters as well as their reasons to fight the supernatural. For character creation, they offer lots of ideas. My favourite story is “Die Rechenschaft” (“The Account”), where a hunter explains his actions to a town council – but the purge is not over yet. One chapter describes the “Rabenklingen” (“Raven Blades”), a group of five experienced hunters. It includes their stats, and so they can even be used as PCs. The chapter “Finstere Tiefen – luftige Höhen” (“Grim Depths – Breezy Heights”) gives more information about the Erzgebirge, like the region´s history, important locations, trade relationships, and the mining industry. It also includes expansions for the character creation with new motivations, roles, skills, and equipment. As a bonus the reader learns more about the artwork for the new game. Altogether Archiv des Wächterbundes is a must for Hexxen 1733, but it can also be recommended for other horror RPGs.

With the music CD Hexxenklänge (Witch Sounds), Hexxen 1733 got an own soundtrack. The twenty-one pieces originate from Ralf Kurtsiefer, an experienced composer of RPG-music, who used electro, rock, and classical music to create a style called baroque-punk. Some examples shall be mentioned. “Glorreiche Jäger” (“Glorious Hunters”) is a fast theme for brave characters who hunt the evil. With “Die Residenzstadt” (“The Residence-City”) we get a classical melody for the residence of a king or prince. “Das verfluchte Haus” (“The Cursed House”) offers a powerful tune for haunted houses. The chaotic “Wider dem Dämon” (“Against the Demon”) underscores the fight against demons. “Das Ritual der Hexen” (“The Ritual of the Witches”) is a theme for a witch coven performing an evil ritual. The melancholic “Das fahrende Volk” (“The Vagrants”) points up the hard fate of the homeless. “Das Labor des Alchemisten” (“The Alchemist´s Labaratory”) uses a classical tune for the laboratory of an alchemist. The suspenseful “Der finstere Wald” (“The Dark Forest”) underlies the dark forests. “Hexxentrailer” (“Witch-Trailer”) varies Johann Sebastian Bach´s music for the dashing theme of the RPG´s trailer. “Gebet” (“Prayer”) and “Gebet – Alternative” (“Prayer – Alternative”) are prayers with church music, the first to ban evil and the second with the Lord´s Prayer. Hexxenklänge is an excellent soundtrack for Hexxen 1733 but can also be recommended for historical, dark fantasy, and horror RPGs, especially those with a swashbuckler or fairytale background.

Uhrwerk Verlag expanded the German-edition Fate with the sourcebook Geheimnisse unter dem Eis (Secrets under the Ice) for the Steampunk setting Eis & Dampf about a nineteenth century that suffers from an ice age. It describes NPCs and locations, which share one thing: dangerous secrets, which can easily be used for adventures. Each description begins with a short story to give a first impression, while handouts offer more information. Ideas for adventures and ways, how the PCs may get involved, are also included. A good example is Nina, a child of nine years, whose PSI powers were exploited by a secret lodge. When she runs away, the lodge´s agents pursue her. If the PCs help Nina, they will soon face merciless killers. Plutonia, named after the ancient god Pluto, is a Venetian submarine base in a volcanic island. The rivaling powers monitor the base closely, while Venetia recruits specialists for the work there. Large areas of the British Isles are covered with glaciers, and so Queen Victoria ordered a secret project of underwater cities to strengthen Britain´s resources and international position. The carefully guarded Avalon is the first of these settlements. Geheimnisse unter dem Eis is a must for Eis & Dampf fans but can also be used for other Steampunk RPGs. Highly recommended!

The adventure book Kreuzkönig (King of Clubs) offers two longer adventures in the Steampunk-world of Eis & Dampf. In “Volles Haus und Rotes Quecksilber” (“Full House and Red Mercury”) the PCs get involved into an annual poker tournament that takes place in Lednoyad, a Russian settlement in the icy Scandinavia. Here so-called red mercury, a rare and expensive mineral, is mined. This year fifty kilograms of it can be won, causing even the nations of Europe and Asia to send competitors. Soon the tournament is a hotbed of intrigues, cheating, and blackmail. At the same time Lednoyad gets torn by riots of the exploited workers, criminal activities, and the machinations of a secret society. “Der letzte Habsburger” (“The Last of the Habsburg-Dynasty”), the second adventure, occurs in Rumelia, as Austria is called since the conquest by the Osmans. A resistance tries to free the country, getting support by a sect of fanatical Christians. To reinstate the Habsburg Dynasty, these fanatics even use artefacts of a lost civilization. A mysterious testament entangles the PCs in a web of intrigues and conspiracies. Both adventures offer good introductions into the icy Steampunk setting, supporting the GM with expansions of the Fate system, maps, descriptions of locations, timelines, background information, detailed lists of the NPCs, and ideas for future adventures. Kreuzkönig is also a must for Eis & Dampf fans and can be converted for other Steampunk RPGs, too. Highly recommended!

Further support Eis & Dampf comes with the second issue of Die grüne Fee. Geschichten aus Eis und Dampf (The Green Fairy: Stories from Ice and Steam). Published in the form of a pulp magazine, it offers seven short stories about the Steampunk life in the new ice age, giving GMs ideas for adventures. A good example for that is “Atlantropa muss sterben” (“Atlantropa Must Die”), based on the real Atlantropa project of the German architect Herman Sörgel. During our historical 1920s, he planned a dam across the Strait of Gibraltar, which should produce energy and win land for settlement by lowering the Mediterranean Sea. In the story Britain begins this project to dominate Europe, finding enthusiastic supporters and furious opponents. Reports, diary entries, orders, and newspaper articles describe the effects in the international politics and in the scientific community. Finally, its originator is killed in a shootout between unknown persons after a mysterious traffic accident. What will now happen to the project? The issue no. 2 includes also pictures, advertisements, and newspaper articles, which give more impressions of the icy game world,but also further ideas for adventures. Altogether, Die grüne Fee is a very valuable expansion for Eis & Dampf but can also be recommended for other Steampunk RPGs like Space 1889.

The publishers of the German dystopian, post-apocalyptic RPG NoReturn, who won in 2017 the Goldenen Stephan (Golden Stephan), a prize for the best RPG basic rules, plan an expansion of the game world. Further sourcebooks shall describe more areas of the future Earth but also connect the original setting with the traditional science fiction genre. The expansions will deal with humanity´s colonies in space to enable classical SF adventures.

For the original background of NoReturn, the adventure Sperrzone New York (Prohibited Area New York) was available in Essen. Basically, it is a search-and-recovery mission in the ruins of New York. After being destroyed by an earthquake, the city became a prohibited area, but a hospital specialized in medical cyber-technology seems to be intact. Now the characters are hired to search it for valuable equipment, but when they enter the building, they face unexpected troubles, which are not just life-threatening but infectious. A special problem is the tight time frame of three hours before they shall be evacuated with a helicopter. The adventure has a straight plot, but the obstacles will be a real challenge. Therefore, it can be played as an introduction to the world of NoReturn for new players, as an interlude between two longer adventures, or as part of a campaign. Sperrzone New York is a must for NoReturn fans, but with some changes it is possible to use it for other SF, cyberpunk, or post-apocalyptic RPGs like Shadowrun.

(Part Two of this article will appear in the April 2019 newsletter.)







New listings this month were provided by Paul Cardwell and Lou Zocchi. Others are urged to submit information. If you attend a convention, be sure and check the conventions table and let us have a copy of the fliers (or at very least the when, what, where, and contact information) for upcoming conventions available there. CAR-PGa is international, so this includes anywhere in the world.  

Dates, precise venue, contacts’ URLs or phone numbers, and other information, where missing from this list, would be particularly appreciated.  If we have missed any, send the information to  Convention reviews should be sent to

“(LARP)” means only LARP events as many RPG cons include at least some LARP, as likewise applies to the mention of specific game systems. The same bracketed information applies as well to game systems when the con will have only those games present.

In an attempt to get more face-to-face meetings of the membership, we list who will be going to what convention, if they will tell us. Lou Zocchi will be at Gary Con on March 7-10; and Tupelo Con on May 4-5. Get this type of information in at least two months before the convention itself, so we can run it at least once. Support your local cons by helping in the staff. It is a good way to promote RPG and you generally get in free for the brief time spent helping.  

A review of any attended convention afterwards for the Newsletter would be appreciated too. These reviews should include demographic data such as attendance, percentage male/female, white/ethnic minorities (or whatever is the majority/white/others), games in addition to tabletop RPG, and more subjective matters such as unusual events, quality of games and dealers’ room, encouragement of new gamers, and whatever seems worth reporting. We need to work to restore CAR-PGa’s reputation as the media’s go-to on gamer demographics, especially since the media are still citing a study that cut off all those over 35 – at a time when that was the median age of gamers – it is closer to 40 now – which indicates we also need to work on recruiting younger players, although some increase in college age players at conventions has been noted.

March 2019

  • 1-3: AdCon, Freizeitzentrum. Schnelsen Statt, Wahlingsallee 16, Hamburg; 
  • 1-3: Cincycon, Butler County Fairgrounds, Cincinnati, OH;
  • 1-3: Cleveland ConCoction, Bertram Inn, 600 N Aurora Rd, Cleveland, OH; 
  • 1-3: ConVergence, NW Gaming Centre, Stockport, Manchester; 
  • 1-3: Gadcon, Hilton Garden Inn, 1050 Beards Hill Rd, Aberdeen, MD;  
  • 1-3: Gateway Furmeet, Doubletree St. Louis-Westport, St. Louis, MO;
  • 1-3: JunaCon, Sparkup, Tykistökatu 4, Turku; 
  • 2-3: Bremer Spieles-Tage, Volkschopchschule, Bremen, Germany, 
  • 5-7: Kawaii Kon, Hawaii Convention Center, 1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI;
  • 7-10: Garycon, Geneva Ridge Resort, W43400 State Hwy 50, Lake Geneva, WI;  [Zocchi seminars]  
  • 8-10: AireCon, Harrowgate International Centre, Harrowgate; 
  • 8-10: Amelia Con, Days Inn, Amelia Island, FL; 
  • 8-10: Coastcon, Mississippi Coast Coliseum, 2350 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS; coast
  • 8-10: Fogccon, Walnut Creek Marriott, 2355 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA;  [primarily writer workshop] 
  • 8-10: Itzacon Eire, Bailey Allen Hall, NUI, Galway; 
  • 8-10: Joelanta, Marriott Century Century Center, 2000 Century Center Blvd, Atlanta,  GA;  
  • 8-10: Made in Asia, Brussels Expo, Brussels, BE;  
  • 8-10: Madicon, Festival Conference Center, 1301 Carrier Dr, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA;
  • 8-10: TN Game Days, Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, 700 Cool Springs Blvd, Franklin, TN;
  • 8-10: UBCon, Student Union, SUNY Buffalo, NY; 
  • 8-10: Wild Wild West, Old Tucson, 201 S Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ; [steampunk]
  • 8-17: South by Southwest, Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX; 
  • 9: March to Oblivion, InterAction School of Performing Arts, 228 German St, Saint John, NB; impossible
  • 9-10: Festival du Jeu de Montpellier, Tunnel du Corum, Montpellier, France;
  • 11-15: GAMA Trade Show, Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV; [trade only]
  • 14-17: All-Con, InterContinental; Hotel, 15201 Dallas Pkwy, Addison, TX;
  • 14-17: Emerald City Comicon, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA;
  • 14-17: LeiraCon, Quinta do Pinheiro, Leica, Portugal, 
  • 15-17: ConnCon, Sheraton Stamford, 700 E Main St, Stamford, CT; 
  • 15-17: GameExpo, Hilton San Antonio Airport, 611 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX; 
  • 15-17: Ludesco, Maison du Peuple, 68 Rue de la Serre, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland; 
  • 15-17: MidSouth Con, Memphis Hilton, Poplar & I-240, East Memphis, TN, 
  • 15-17: Omni Fandom Expo, Florida Conference Center, 1500 Sand Lake. Rd, Orlando, FL; 
  • 15-17: Princecon, McCosh Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ; 
  • 15-17: Toronto Cpmicopn, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON;
  • 15-17: Tri-Con Spring, Delta Hotel Conference Center, South Sioux City, NE; 
  • 16: Concrete Cow, Old Bath House, 205 Stratford Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes;  
  • 16: Encontro de Jogos de RPG, UNIT, Centro Universitario Tiradenhtes, Maceio, Alagoas; 
  • 16: Fandomonium, Alachua County Headquarters Library, 401 University Ave, Gainesville, FL
  • 16-17: SwampCon, Reitz Student Union, 686 Museum Rd, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL;
  • 18: HerdCon, Marshall University Student Center, 1 John Marshall Dr, Huntington WV; 
  • 21-24: Lexington ComicCon, Lexington Convention Center, 430 W Vine, Lexington, KY; 
  • 22-24: AggieCon, Hilton Hotel, 801 University Dr E, College Station, TX; 
  • 22-24: Chicago Comic Expo, South Bldg, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL; 
  • 22-24: Clockwork Alchemy, Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, CA; clockwork
  • 22-24: ConQuest SAC, McClellan Center, 5411 Luce Ave, Sacramento, CA; 
  • 22-24: CosCon, Vagabonds. Hall, Butler, PA; 
  • 22-24: PlatteCon, Ullsvik Hall, 1 University Plaza University of Wisconsin Plattesville, Plattesville, WI; 
  • 22-24: LepreCon, Goldsmith Hall, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; 
  • 22-24:Who’s Yer Con, Wyndham Indianapolis West, Indianapolis, IN; 
  • 22-24: Zenkaikon, Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA; zenkaikon.;com 
  • 23-24: Zuide3respel, Conference Centre Koningshof, Loht 117, Veldhoven; 
  • 27-31: AdeptiCon, Renaissance Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL; 
  • 28-31: Furry Fiesta, Hyatt Regency Reunion, downtown Dallas, TX; 
  • 28-31: Game Storm, Red Lion Jantzen Beach, 909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR; 
  • 28-31: PAX East, Boston Convention Center, 415 Summer St, Boston, MA; 
  • 29-31: Cerberus, Tirohanga Camp, 214 Tirohanga Rd, Wyllies Crossing;  [LARP] 
  • 29i-31: CJMC, Cintermex, 4400 Ave Lázaro Cárdenas, Monterrey, May; 
  • 29-31: International Steampunk Symposium, Crowne Plaza Blue Ash, 5901 Pfeiffer Rd, Cincinnati, OH; 
  • 29-31: No Brand Con, ChulaVista Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI; 
  • 29-31:  Planet Come-on, Kansas City Convention Center, 301 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO; 
  • Sci-fi on the Rock, Sheraton Newfoundland, 115 Cavendish Square, St. Johns, NF; 
  • 29-31: Simcon, Douglas Ballroom, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY; 
  • 29-31: WillyCon, Student Center, Wayne State College, 1111 Main St, Wayne, NE; 
  • 29-31: Wondercon, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA; 
  • 30: Egocon, Holiday Inn, Hwy 10 E, Stevens Point, WI; 
  • 30-31: Gamer’s Equinox, Holiday Inn, 150 George St, Peterborough, OH; m.pfga.phantascom
  • 30-31: Playthrough, Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC; 
  • 30-31: Terminal City Tabletop Convention, Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

April 2019

  • 5-6: DayCon, Shelter Community Church, 1440 E Dorothy Ln, Kettering, OH;
  • 5-7: 221B Con, Atlanta Airport Marriott, 4711 Best Rd, Atlanta, GA; [Sherlock Holmes]
  • 5-7: Conpulsion, Teviot Row Student Union, Bristol Square, Edinburgh;
  • 5-7: Gryphcon, University Centre, University of Guelph, 158-50 Stone Rd. E, Guelph, ON; 
  • 5-7: Heliosphere, Doubletree, Tarrytown, NY; 
  • 5-7: Lexicon, Clarionj Hotel, 1950 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY;
  • 5-7: Nashicon. Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Columbia, SC;
  • 5-7: Play, Viale Virgllio 58, Modena; 
  • 5-7: Protospiel, Best Western Plus, 5105 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee WI;
  • 5-7: RavenCon, Doubletree, 50 Kingsmill Rd, Williamsburg, VA;
  • 6-7: Bookwyrm RPG Convention, Woodward Park Regional Library, Fresno, CA;
  • 6-7: Just a Game Con, Corvallis Elks Lodge, 1400 NW 9th St, Corvallis, OR; 
  • 6-7: MAG Con, NCISD Annex, 21569 US 59, New Caney (Houston area), TX;
  • 6-7: Seven Hills, Garrison Hotel, 635 Penistone Rd, Sheffield, S Yorks; 
  • 7: DevaCon, Crowne Plaza, Trinity St, Chester;
  • 11-14: Ambercon, Embassy Suites Detroit-Livonia, 19525 Victor Pkwy, Livonia, MI; [Amber diceless only]
  • 11-14: Tekko, Lawrence Conventioner, Pittsburgh, PA; 
  • 12-14: CodCon, Turner Conference Center, College of DuPage, 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL;
  • 12-14: CyPhaCon, Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA; 
  • 12-14: JohnCon, Levering Hall, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD: Midwest Gaming Classic, Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, WI;
  • 12-14: Pretzcon, Ralston Arena, 72nd & Q, Omaha NE;
  • 13-14: Flower City Comic Con, Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY; 
  • 13-14: LuxCon, Forum Geeseknäpchen, Luxemburg;
  • 17-21: The Gathering, Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway;
  • 17-22: Fastaval, Mariagerfjord Gymnasium, Amerikavej 5, Hobro, Aarhus; 
  • 18-21: Frolicon, Sheraton Atlanta Downtown, Atlanta, GA; 
  • 18-21: Norwescon, Doubletree Seattle Airport, 18740 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA; 
  • 19-21: Anime Boston, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA; 
  • 19-21: Conglomeration, Crowne Plaza, 830 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY;
  • 19-21: Follycon/Eastercon, Park Inn, Heathrow, London; 
  • 19-21: GothCon, äldsta spelknvent, Göteborg; 
  • 19-21: MTAC, Sheraton Music City, Nashville, TN;
  • 19-21: Sakura-Con, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA; 
  • 19-21: Swordcraft Quest, Western Oval, Park St, Melbourne, Vic; [LARP]
  • 19-22: Conquest, Melbourne High School, Forest St, South Yarra, Melbourne, Vic;
  • 19-22: Insomnia; NRC, Birmingham;
  • 20: Cheyenne Gaming Convention, Red Lion Inn, Cheyenne, WY;
  • 25-28: Calgary Expo, Calgary Stapede Park, Calgary, AB;
  • 25-28: Ice & Fire, Deer Creek State Park Lodge, Mt. Sterling, OH; 
  • 25-28: Nordic Game Jam, KADK, Copenhaven; 
  • 25-28: Recon, Park Inn Conference Center, Orlando, FL;  [miniature wargaming] 
  • 26-28: Awesome Con, Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt Vernon Pl, Washington, DC; 
  • 26-28: Cape Comic Con, Osage Center, 1625 N Kingshighway, Cape Giradieu, MO;
  • 26-28 Causeacon, Raleigh County Convention Center, Beckley, WV; 
  • 26-28: Constellation, Cornhusker Hotel, 333 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE: 
  • 26-28: Conventus Leonis, Lomder- und Jugendzentrukm Mühlel Brauunmchweig;
  • 26-28: Farmegeddon, Farmer City American Legion, Stensel Dr, Farmer City, IL;
  • 26-28: Gaming Hoopla, Doubletree, 510 E IL Route 83, Mundelein, IL;
  • 26-28: Gojotekicon, Holiday Inn Express, 1392 Enterprise Pkwy, Ashland, OH; 
  • 26-28: Hydra, Brookfield Scout Camp, Rd 1 562 Moore Valley Rd., Wainuiomata, Wellington, NZ; hydra-larps-nz [LARP] 
  • 26-28: JordanCon, Crowne Plaza Atlanta, Perimeter Center Pkwy at Ravinia, Atlanta, GA;
  • 26-28: Koboldcon, Chapel Hills Event Center, 1710 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO;
  • 26-28: Oz-Con, West Plains Civic Center, 110 St. Louis St, West Plains, MO; 
  • 26-28: Pyrkon, Miedzynardowe Targi, Poznan, Poland;
  • 26-28; Starfest, Marriott DTC, 4900 S Syracuse St, Denver, CO; 
  • 27: ConTroll, Dorchester Corn Exchange, North Square, Dorchester, Dorset; 
  • 27: Spiel mit den Wölfen, Stadtmission Wolfsburg, Mühlenpfad 2, Wolfsburg; spiel-mit-den-wö
  • 27-28: FanCon, International Convention Centre, Cape Town, SA; [some LARP]
  • 27-28: Gem City Comic Con, Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, OH; 

May 2019 

  • 3-5: 1d4Con, Clarion Inn, Shepherdstown, WV;
  • 3-5: Austicon, Austin National Guard Armory, Austin, MN; 
  • 3-5: ChupacabraCon, Wingate Hotel, 1209 N IH 35 North, Round Rock, TX; 
  • 3-5: ConTRAPtion, Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing, W.Sussex;
  • 3-5: Crypticon, Doubletree, 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA;  [horror] 
  • 3-5: D8 Summit, Grand Bear Resort, 2843 Il Rt 178. Great Bear, Morth Itica. IL;
  • 3-5: Demicon, Holiday Inn Northwest, 4800 Meroe Hay Rd, Des Moines, IA; 
  • 3-5: Dream Con, Waco Convention Center, Waco, TX;
  • 3-5: Fan Expo Dallas, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX; 
  • 3-5: FragCon, Regina Senior Citizen’s Centre, 2134 Winnipeg St, Regina, SK;
  • 3-5: Penguicon, Westin Southfield Detroit, 1599 Town Center, Southfield, MI; 
  • 3-5: Wholanta, Hilton Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, GA; 
  • 4-5: Emporium of the Weird, Oddmall, Akron, OH; [Free Admission]
  • 4-5: IzmirCon, Tepekule Kongre Merkezi, Izmir, Turkey; 
  • 4-5: Tupelo Comic Con, Tupelo Furniture Mart, Bldg 5, 1879 Coley Rd, Tupelo, MS;
  • 9-13: Furry Atlanta, Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA;
  • 10-11: North Star, Garrison Hotel, 645 Penistone Rd, Sheffield, S Yorks;
  • 10-12: Comicpalooza, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX;
  • 10-12: Marcon, Crowne Plaza Columbus North, Worthington, OH; 
  • 10-12: Outlantacon/Gaylaxicon, Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport, Atlanta, GA; 
  • 10-12: San Marino Game Convention, Palace Hotel, San Marino; 
  • 10-12: Sferakon, Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computing, Unska 3, Zagreb, Croatia; 
  • 10-12: Triway Peak, Glenbarr Historic House, Paris Creek Rd, Stratalbyn, SA; [LARP]
  • 10-12: VisionCon, Springfield Expo Center, Springfield, MO; 
  • 10-14: Historicon, Lancaster County Convention Center, 25 S Queen St, Lancaster, PAk  [mainly miniature wargaming] 
  • 11-12: North Star, Garrison Hotel, 635 Penistone Rd, Sheffield;  [sf rpg]
  • 12: UniCon Lithuania, Kongresy rumai, Vinius, LI; 
  • 13-16: Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia, Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA; 
  • 15-18: Manticopn, Starkenburgwegg 53, Hepperheim; 
  • 16-19: Geekway to the West, St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO; 
  • 16-19: MegaCon, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL;
  • 17-19: Anime Central, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL; 
  • 17-19: CanGames, Rideau Curling Club, Lisgar and Percy, Ottawa;
  • 17-19: Huzzah!, Doubletree, 363 Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME;  [mainly wargaming]
  • 17-19: Keycon, Radisson Hotel, 288 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB; 
  • 17-19: Motor City ComicCon, Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI; 
  • 17-19: SpieleWahnsinn, Kulturzentrum, Herne;
  • 18-19: Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend, Town Hall, King Edwards Place, Burton on Trent; 
  • 18-19: MSP Comicon, MN State Fairgrounds, 1265 Snelling Ave, St. Paul, MN; 
  • 18-19: Tidewater Comicon, Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, VA; 
  • 23-26: Anime North, Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON; 
  • 23-26: Core Con, Ramada, Fargo, ND; 
  • 23-26: Momocon, Georgia World Congress Center, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd, Atlanta, GA; 
  • 23-26: Phoenix Fan Fusion, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ; 
  • 23-27: Atlanta Game Fest, Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta,
  • 23-27: KublaCon, Crowne Plaza, San Francisco Airport, 1177 Airport Blvd, Burlingame, CA;
  • 24-26: Bad Nauheim Spielt, Badehäusern, Bad Nauheim;
  • 24-26: Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4), Grand Traverse Resort, 100 Grand Traverse Village Blvd, Traverse City, MI; 
  • 24-26: ConQuesT, Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center, Kansas City, MO; 
  • 24-26: Mobicon, Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel, Mobile, AL;
  • 24-26: UnderCon, Sheraton Crown Center, Kansas City, MO;
  • 24-27: Balticon, Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace, 202 E. Pratt St, Baltimore, MD; 
  • 24-27: BayCon, San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport, 1770 S Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo, CA; 
  • 24-27: BGG Spring, Hyatt Regency DFW Airport, 2334 N International Pkwy, DFW Airport, TX; 
  • 24-27: Gamex, Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA; 
  • 24-27: MediaWestCon, Ramada Inn, 7501 Saganaw Hwy, Lansing, MI; 
  • 24-27: Miscon, Holliday Inn Missoula Downtown, Missoula, OR;
  • 24-27: Gamex, Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA; 
  • 24-27: Miscon, Holliday Inn Missoula Downtown, Missoula, OR; 
  • 24-27: Paizocon, Doubletree Seattle Airport, 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA; 
  • 29-June 2: LinCon, Linköpings Universitet, Linköping, Sweden; 
  • 30-June 2: Colossalcon, Kalahari Resort, 7000 Kalahari Dr, Sandusky, OH; 
  • 30-June 2: Nexus Game Fair, Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield, Milwaukee, WI; 
  • 31-June 1: Hamburger Spieletage, Hamburg Haus Eimsbüttel, Doormannsweg 12, Hamburg; 
  • 31-June 3: Buckets of dice, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; 
  • 31-June 2: ConCarolinas, Embassy Suites, 5400 Hammons Dr. NW, Concord, NC; 
  • 31-June 2: Denver Comic Con, Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver, CO; 
  • 31-June 2: Furry Down Under, Mantra on View, 22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise, QL;
  • 31-June 2: LibertyCon, Read House, 107 W MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN; 
  • 31-June 2: UK Game Expo, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, W. Mid;
  • 31-June 3: Geysercon, Holiday Inn Rotorua, Tryon St, Rotorua;

June 2019 

  • 1-2: Die Con, Gateway Convention Center, Edwardsville, IL; 
  • 1-2: Marble City Comiccon, Knoxville Convention Center, Knoxville, TN;
  • 7-9: Niagara Falls Comic Con, Scotia Bank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON; 
  • 1: HickoryCon, Hickory Metro Convention Center, 1960 13th Ave. SE; Hickory, NC; 
  • 1-2: Evergreen Tabletop Expo, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA;
  • 1-2: Wellycon, Wellington Girls College, Thoerndon, Wellington, New Zealand; 
  • 5-7: In Con Junction, Indianapolis Marriott East, Indianapolis, IN;
  • 6-9: North Texas RPG Con, Westin DFW Airport, 4545 W Carpenter Fwy, Irving, TX; 
  • 7-9: OMGcon, Owensboro Convention Center, Owensboro, KY; 
  • 7-9: Soonercon, Embassy Suites, Norman, OK; 
  • 7-10: Continuum, Ether Conference Center, 265 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, Vic; 
  • 7-10: Eternal Convention, Castle Stahleck, Bacharach; 
  • 8: SWFL SpaceCon, Lee Civic Center Arena, 1831 Bayshore Rd, North Ft. Myers, FL; 
  • 12-16: Origins, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH; 
  • 13-16: Anime Matsui, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX; 
  • 13-16: Philadelphia Comic Con, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA; 
  • 14-16: NordCon, Schule beim Pachthof, beim Pachthof 15, Hamburg-Horn; 
  • 14-16: PrairieCon, Assiniboine Community College, 1430 Victoria Ave. E, Brandon, MB; 
  • 14-16: SaltCon Summer, Davis Conference Center, Layton, UT;
  • 21-22: Augusta Toy and Comic Show, Doubletree, 2651 Perimeter Pkwy, Augusta, GA;
  • 21-23: Magic City Con, Hyatt Regency, Birmingham, AL;
  • 21-23: PolyCon, University Union, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA; 
  • 21-23: Too Many Games, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA; 
  • 26-28: iGBL, Clayton Hotel, Cork City, Co. Cork, Ireland; [game-based learning]
  • 27-30: A-Kon, TBA, Dallas, TX; 
  • 27-30: PortConMaine, Doubletree Hotel, Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, ME; 
  • 27-30: RPC: Köln Messe, Messerplatz 1, Köln;
  • 28-30: Animaritime, Fredericton Convention Centre, Fredericton, NB;
  • 28-30: Ragecon, Circus circus, Reno, NV; 
  • 29-30: Rob-Con, MeadowView Convention Center, 19001 Meadowview Pkwy, Kingsport, TN;

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